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Spring 2014  


We are true winter people


Welcome to Levi, to the leading resort destination in Finland and the entire polar region. We are true winter people, creating and providing winter tourist services. Winter provides us with the best opportunities for making the most of our free time. Our winters are very snowy, yet not too cold.

Visitors to Levi from every corner of the globe

Visitors come to Levi from every corner of the globe. There are increasing numbers of tourists arriving from distant lands. During this year and the last, increasing numbers of visitors have come from India, Vietnam, Hong Kong, Australia, Malaysia and Singapore. In addition to the Finns, the majority of other visitors come from Norway, United Kingdom, Japan, Sweden, Germany, France and Switzerland.
The diversity in its winter services is Levi’s great strength. We have plenty of great activities on offer. All the services we class as being quality services are those that aim to make holidays enjoyable and relaxing. Everyone wants to enjoy themselves and also have activity and entertainment indoors. The restaurants serve local and international dishes. Nature and pastimes in the heart of nature are nearby. Downhill and cross-country skiing starts from the Levi centre. Levi is familiar with international guests and their cultures.
People from different countries relate to different activities in different ways. At least their expectations are very different. But the positive experiences are often mutual.


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Levi building a new type of ski slope for families
The southern slope of the Levi fell area is being built into a modern downhill skiing point where particularly foreign families will enjoy themselves more than ever before. Among the new additions are the sheltered ski lift and a new service building. Construction work costs 11 million euros. The renewal of the services of the Etelärinne ski slope is the biggest ever single task and investment made by the ski lift company.
The Etelärinne slope has been a popular place for families and those who prefer more gently sloping ski slopes. The Etelärinne slopes are also ideal for beginners. The Etelärinne slope is increasingly popular with Brits and other foreign visitors. “The huge increase in the number of customers on the Etelärinne slopes has caused some congestion. Foreign visitors in particular have expressed the wish for chair lifts. Of all the ski lift customers, around a quarter are foreigners and seventy percent ski school students”, tells Jouni Palosaari, Managing Director of Levi’s ski lift company, Levi Ski Resort Ltd.
Of Levi’s foreign visitors, the largest group is the Brits, followed by Russians and Norwegians.
The chair lift spans a distance of 1.7 kilometres. The new lift takes 3,000 skiers an hour, which triples the current capacity. The service building will include an equipment hire shop, ski pass sales and first aid facility. The restaurants owned by the ski lift company are also getting plenty of new space. The snowmaking system is enhanced using 41 new automatic snow cannons and the needs of families with children is catered for by building a new Kids’ Land, with future plans for a snow park.
The intention is for the making of the new lift and slope area to reach completion in November – December 2014. The entire project is planned for completion in summer 2015. 

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