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Christmas 2014  


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Levi has a new downhill skiing centre

Here you will find a long and easy-going downhill skiing slope

It is located on the southern slope of the fell, opposite the Levi centre. The pride and joy of the new service centre is the six-person ski lift that is fitted with seat heating and roof, Levi South. The ski lift line carries a total of 99 seats. This makes it Finland’s longest seated ski lift covering 1,710 metres. Height difference 282 metres. Lift capacity is 3,000 skiers per hour.
The gently sloping piste is ideal for beginners and families with children. Senior citizens also wanted easier slopes to ski. In addition, the new slope also caters to the needs of foreign visitors for easier slopes.
The new downhill skiing centre includes the service building South Point. South Point will house ski lift sales, ski school, equipment hire and maintenance, the Levi Shop and children’s play area. The equipment hire shop will provide equipment for cross-country skiing, downhill skiing and snowboarding.
The slope area will also see the installation of Levi’s second sheltered magic carpet ski lift, pulling a distance of 50 metres and with a capacity of 1,500 skiers an hour. The Eturinne slope was fitted with one of these magic carpet lifts in the downhill skiing area intended for children. The area also has a restaurant. Construction costs totalled 11 million euros.

“This was the right time to start construction on the new service centre”
“The southern slope of Levi is long and gently sloping. This is a very popular place to ski downhill, particularly for the Brits and many other nationalities that live close to the Alps. They almost always choose the easiest of the easy slopes. We support this preference, so we needed a modern and well-functioning service centre for this growing customer group”, says Jouni Palosaari, Managing Director of Levi’s ski lift company, Levi Ski Resort Ltd.
In addition to having heated seats, there is also a short departure carpet on top of which the skiers step at the departure gate. After this, the carpet automatically arranges skiers into a line in front of the ski lift ready to be seated. This makes things easier for skiers and makes ski lift operation much more fluent. The chair lifts have automated systems to dampen sideways swinging. The prevailing winds for the area also mean that winds will rarely affect the operation of the lifts. The existing anchor ski lift will stay in place as an extra or spare ski lift.

The people of Levi build their ski lifts themselves
Ski lifts and pistes are constructed from scratch by the ski lift company itself, right down to the foundations.
“We have always built our own ski lifts. There are two big reasons why we do this. The construction work is performed by the same people who will be responsible for maintaining the ski lifts in the winter. We can therefore maintain the best possible professional skills. As we have become familiar with the structures of the ski lifts during the construction stage, we are able to carry out demanding servicing and many rebuilding tasks ourselves. At the same time, each worker can see for themselves the work they have done. We have a motivated, enthusiastic and competence workforce”, tells Jouni Palosaari, who was responsible for managing the entire construction project.
Levi’s first ski lift was built in 1964. The year 2000 saw Levi’s and indeed Finland’s first gondola lift and the European Cup competition. In 2004 Levi was the venue for the Alpine World Cup in 2004. The new service building at the Eturinne slope, Zero Point and Levi’s first seated ski lift were completed in 2007.

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