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Spring 2015  


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Levi’s ski lift company awarded
the National Workplace Safety Award

Levi’s ski lift company, Levi Ski Resort Ltd has been awarded the National Workplace Safety Award by Pohjola Insurance. The award was granted at the Matka Nordic Travel Fair 2015 in Helsinki in January. This is the first time the award has been won by a tourism enterprise.
The reason for nomination was the long-term safety work of Levi Ski Resort. “The choice is based on Levi Ski Resort’s long-standing efforts on behalf of safety. At Levi, the long-term development of comprehensive slope safety begins right from the earliest stages of slope design and construction”, comments Kari Karjalainen, Risk Manager at Pohjola, from Rovaniemi.

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Levi now has a new downhill skiing service centre

It is located on the southern slope of the fell, opposite the Levi centre. The pride and joy of the new service centre is the six-person ski lift that is fitted with seat heating and roof, Levi South. The ski lift line carries a total of 99 seats. This makes it Finland’s longest seated ski lift covering 1,710 metres. Height difference 282 metres. Lift capacity is 3,000 skiers per hour.
The gently sloping piste is ideal for beginners and families with children. Senior citizens also wanted easier slopes to ski. In addition, the new slope also caters to the needs of foreign visitors for easier slopes.
The new downhill skiing centre includes the service building South Point. South Point will house ski lift sales, ski school, equipment hire and maintenance, the Levi Shop and children’s play area. The equipment hire shop will provide equipment for cross-country skiing, downhill skiing and snowboarding.


A house made from pine logs is ecological and durable

Live up to 500 years in the same hous

Log sawn from pine is Finland’s traditional construction material. This traditional pine log has made a comeback particularly with the construction of detached housing and holiday homes. On the basis of research and experience, pine log has proven to be an esteemed, durable and heat-retaining material. Pine log also gives the indoor spaces the best possible air quality, and pine log buildings never suffer mould problems.

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